Monday, May 11, 2009

Snapping Turtles and Kitchen Wars...

I wanted to share some completely random things with you that don't really make for a post. But because I'm writing it and it's my blog, it counts :)!

When my beautiful 8 year old baby boy first started at his school last year, he simply had to join the chess club and the ski club. After looking into it, he decided that he didn't want to do the ski club, because he was a better skiier than the rest of the kids. Keep in mind that we live in Northern Kentucky and our ski season is 8 - 10 weeks long at best. So it's not harder to be better than the other kids.

He did join the chess club, though. Chess was something we taught him back in pre-school as a way to talk to him about "war". What do you know? He picked it up and can hold his own in tournaments now. Since he wasn't doing the ski club this year I told him he could do something else. He chose Fishing Club....

Don't ask me, I don't know either. But these kids absolutely LOVE fishing club. They talked about all kinds of stuff at these meetings. Every Tuesday, my son would come home with a fishing story or a list of things he needed to have for his next fishing outing. He even came home with a 10 foot long cane pole (should have seen me trying to put that thing in my little car when I picked him up that day). Last Friday was the last week of club, so Mr. L organized a fishing tournament. I'm figuring this is going to be Colin and about 8 of his friends with little cane poles around a dinky lake.

I had a PTO meeting at school that day, so I called Grandpa (gotta love Grandpa's - especially this one) to see if he could bring Colin's fishing pole and tackle box and meet us at the lake at 4:15. It started to drizzle on our way out, but I figured I only had to do this until 5 or so and then I was free and clear to start my weekend. I pulled up to what is normally an empty lake, and there were at least 50 cars with three times the number of kids and parents. There are only 250 kids in the entire school!

This was a serious party! They had refreshments and grilled hot dogs under a tent at one end. Kids were scattered all around this pond. Luckily, Grandpa brought his fishing pole too, because these people were serious. Mr. L was even set up with a measuring tape and scale pully thing to measure the fish the kids caught. They had serious prizes too. My son had his eye on the second prize. A pretty new red fishing pole.

I gabbed for a bit and then heard a bunch of commotion. Some kid had pulled a big snapping turtle out of the water all by himself. I decided to walk down there and there's my baby boy nose to nose with one of the biggest snapping turtles i've ever seen in my life. Mr. L came running and it measured at least 16 inches, but he wasn't going to get too close. It took 3 grown men to try to wrestle the fishing line from this turtle. Mostly cuz the turtle wasn't too happy about being messed with. He was snapping at anyone that came too close to him. It was a site! I wish I would have brought my camera, but I didn't really know about the outing, so I guess you can either believe my fish/turtle story or not! Either way, it's true :).

Now, for the continuing saga of the Kitchen drama. To catch up, click here. Hubs came home on Saturday morning with everything he needed to make my Mother's Day weekend a living heck (aka paint the living room and kitchen). Recall, that he was bent on painting kitchen "Limelight".

Which is not very different, AT ALL, from "Contemplation" that I wanted.

So, what did he come home with, you ask????

Wait for it....

No, seriously, wait for it....

Are you even kidding me?!?!?!?! And you know what his excuse was? That he had picked out a different brand paint chip (AKA SOLD AT LOWES!) and he was trying to "color match" to the original color.

OK #1) you didn't...not even close there, my dear! #2) everyone knows that the Orange Home Depot will color match any swatch of paint for you...HELLO!?!?!?!? it's on their commercials!

Where are we on the neverending home renovation, you ask? Well, my one finished room in the house (my living room) has now been repainteda lovely shade of boring tan, but I no longer have any face plates, molding, base boards or curtains. So, I now have ZERO finished rooms in the house. And my kitchen has a blue tarp on the hardwood floors and not an ounce of paint on the walls. Go figure!

That's all I have time for right now. I'll check back soon!

Love, Kelli

PS - even though C had the longest "catch" of the day, some kid who caught a 15.5" catfish won the tournament. Semantics!!!!


  1. Close, but no cigar.

    Aww. Maybe next time.

  2. Wait, why was your living room repainted?

    You should let him put the blue on the walls. Definitely not your basic off-white! And it's kinda cottagey looking.

  3. My living room was repainted because it didn't "match" the new color I chose for the kitchen. He has been repainting all of it and I'm just letting him. To be completely honest, I actually don't hate the blue :). I actually kind of like it. But I won't tell him for at least a few more days ;).