Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I do for Fun

One of my favorite blogs to read is CakeWrecks. Jen is extremely funny, a bit snarky, and a not so closeted science-fiction geek. I'm not sure why I feel so connected to her sometimes ;-). She shares pictures of "professional" cakes that have gone horribly horribly wrong.

One of my goals in life, is to own my own bakery and be a "professional". I like doing wedding cakes, because that's where the money is in cake decorating, but I really LOVE to do little party cakes (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). I can be a bit more creative with a party cake. One of my greatest fears, is that my cakes would somehow end up on Jen's blog (hoping not, though). I thought I would share some cakes that I've done. Keep in mind, that I do this out of my home, for friends, and that I work full time :).

I made this cake for my mom's retirement party a few months ago. Each layer was a different flavor and included butter cream frosting under the fondant (cuz fondant tastes icky, but is really pretty). Other than the 2 live Gerber daisies, I made the flower decorations.

I made this cake for a little girl's 5th birthday party. I was a little disappointed in the overall color (I wanted it to be more yellow than brown). I LOVE the leaves and ivy, but they seem to big for the dainty little flowers.

This cake was for the same little girl the previous year. This is all buttercream except for the fondant in some of the flowers, leaves, butterflies, etc. The birthday girl placed some of her cute little fairy dolls on this cake, and it's still one of my favorites.

This is one of the first cakes I ever did in all fondant. I thought it was really great when I did it, but I think I could do it better now :-). This was for my friend's daughter who was turning 16 on Saint Patrick's day. She wanted a St Patty's day cake that was whimsical and wasn't just a big shamrock. Her friends thought she was pretty cool!

I did this cake a few weeks ago for my son's 8th birthday. This is the Daytona International Speedway, as interpreted by me. I'm pretty sure that the Daytona 500 doesn't have a figure 8 or a cave in the middle of the track, but I still really liked it. The checkered flag and the road is fondant, and everything else is buttercream. It was yummy. Also, just for the record, my son added the ugly candles and cars. I tried convincing him he didn't want to mess up my piece of art with candles and Hot Wheels, but he felt differently.

I'm almost a little embarassed to show this one, but this is one of the very first cakes I ever did. It was for one of my co-workers baby showers. The big black smiley faces on he stars are a little over the top. I still love it, though!

Just wanted to share. I hope you enjoy! If you're ever in the Cincinnati area and need a cake, let me know :-)!
Love, Kelli


  1. Kelli- your work is beautiful! You are very talented!

    Let me ask you gorgeous as the fondant is , do you like the taste? I have yet to taste a fondant cake that I like.
    Do you have a secret to improve the taste?

  2. Can you mail them? I'll be needing 2 in July - I'm sure it won't melt as you send it toward the equator. YUM YUM!!!

  3. L - Let me know next time you come home and we can always throw a birthday party for all 5 at once :). We can do a 5 sided cake where each side has something for each one.

    Sherri - I personally don't really like the taste of fondant so I always make sure to put extra butter cream (homemade) under the fondant. That way you can lift it off and still have yummy cake. My other trip is to "paint" the cake after it's done with a mixture of blueberry vodka and edible glitter. People do like my fondant because it tastes fruity. It was something that happened by mistake one day and I wanted to see if I could make the fondant shiny. Everyone loved the taste of it. Go figure?! I keep the vodka in my freezer. Noone really bothers it, because we don't really drink. I'm sure any flavored vodka would work.

  4. You put vodka on your cake? Can you pass a breathalizer test after eating it?

    My favorite is the 16th birthday cake - it's so fun!