Friday, May 1, 2009

Color Blind

I promised I would fill you on on the "drama" that happened last week while I was on vacation. Here is my lame attempt at explaining what happened.

First off, I didn't know that men really cared about colors. My husbands idea of how colors "go together" is whether this shade of brown is the same as this other shade of brown. I have been working on him for at least a year now that I wanted to add color to the kitchen. He got to paint his new bathroom downstairs a lovely shade of off-white with white trim. I get to choose the colors upstairs. right??? WRONG!!

So, I went to the orange Home Depot (not the blue Home Depot that my son prefers) and picked out several different shades that I wanted to paint the kitchen. There were some pretty orange-ish colors, some nice shades of green, and a gorgeous shade of bluish gray that I simply had to have!!! I managed to convince him that this beautiful shade, "Contemplation", was what we needed. (Doesn't the name even sound serene?) I know my husband quite well, by now. Of course I had him sign his initials to my "Contemplation" paint chip.

The next morning, the paint manager at the orange Home Depot gladly gave me 3 gallons of primer, 1 gallon of white ceiling paint, 2 gallons of "Parchment Paper" for my long hallway, and 2 gallons of my beloved "Contemplation". She did laugh at his scribbled initials, but she definitely understood and appreciated my logic. Heck, I had my bases covered!

My dad came over the next day and helped me prime and paint (2 coats) the kitchen, hallway, and ceiling. It was a long long day, but my kitchen was beautiful when I was done. Now, I held my breath until my husband walked in the door.

Long story short....he hated it!!! And, I apparently used the wrong kind of primer. I was so devastated I cried for 2 days. I'm sure my crying had nothing to do with the fact that I was completely exhausted, had spent $300 on paint and supplies, and that "Mother Nature" might have been visiting.

I had to listen to him complain non-stop about how the kitchen didn't "match" the hallway or the living room (which is the only finished room in my house, by the way)! And he kept complaining about the primer poisoning that he was suffering from. Granted, I purchased the prime that the lady told me to buy. How, was I supposed to know that oil-based primer shouldn't be used in doors!

So now, not only does he want to repaint the kitchen and hall, but he also wants to re-paint the ceiling and living room! And I know he's going to need to re-prime everything because it stinks so bad.

This all happened on Tuesday. On Friday, I finally went with him to the blue Home Depot (I'm sure they don't really like me calling them that) with my husband to pick out new colors. I told him I would be involved in choosing the color, but that I wouldn't help him paint. I had already been there, done that! Either way, he picked out a new color for the living room (which is actually quite nice and I will secretly like it I'm sure, but I'll never tell him that) and a new color for the kitchen.

So you ask...why am I complaining? I'll tell you why. First off, here is a swatch of my beloved "Contemplation" (the color doesn't exactly come across here, but it's a gorgeous shade of blue, green, and a bit of gray):

Now, here's why I'm complaining. Here's what he picked out to replace the "Contemplation" that he simply couldn't live with. I introduce you to "Limelight":

Yep - tell me about it! Hello People!?!?! It's like the same color!

OK - rant over. Do you know what I'm doing this Saturday? Yep, that's right! I'm going shopping, getting a manicure and pedicure, and having lunch with my sister and using his debit card. Guess what he's doing?

That's all for now!

Love, Kelli


  1. Sounds like a nightmare! I wonder why they told you to get oil based primer. Did you have oil based paint on the wall before you started your project? That stuff can be pretty stinky. Why is your husband afraid of color?

  2. I have no clue why about the primer. I just saw the brand name and saw that it was a different color, but knew that my hubs wamted primer :). Not sure about his color-phobia. It's kind of funny, because most men don't really care at all. So I guess I'm glad he cares :), just wish it were a little less!