Thursday, March 19, 2009

To My Sweet Boy...

My sweet boy,

It's been now exactly 8 years since you came into my world. From the minute I laid eyes on you, I fell madly in love. I like to tell people that you came out of the womb smiling and laughing...and I really wasn't kidding. You don't know this, but to this day when you look at me with your sweet eyes, I just melt. It's so hard to tell you that you can't have that third popsicle in a row or that you really DO need to take a shower even though there's not visible dirt.

You're in the second grade this year and are the tallest boy in your class. I'm so proud of what a good reader and how much you love math. I am so excited that you have such a special teacher this year. You have such a bond with Mr. F and I only hope your 3rd grade teacher understands what he/she's getting themselves into with you. I love that you can sing the entire Notre Dame fight song, and you touch the wall as you leave your classroom. Mr. F has made quite a mark on you.

I ask God to keep His loving hand on you. I pray that you continue your walk in Him.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy! Only 8 years more and we'll be talking about driving :)

I love you more than you'll ever know.

Love, mom

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  1. He is so cute!!! Did he have a fun birthday? Did you guys do anything special? And what a sweet post!