Monday, March 23, 2009

I Committed....

I had a bit of a stomach bug this weekend (that actually might have been food poisoning, now that I think of it). Either way, I started feeling yucky on Friday night (shortly after Chinese food for dinner) and was on the floor of the bathroom for the next 2 days. And you're welcome for sharing that :)!

As you're laying on the bathroom floor for 48 hours, it gives you time to sit and think. For some reason I kept thinking of what I might think of as my "Most Embarassing Moment EVER". Now, up until the time that this happened a few years ago, I would consider my most embarassing moment to be the time my wrap-around skirt fell off while I was jumping rope in the second grade. I was standing there in my pretty blue and white flowered underwear staring at the love of my life, Brad Mayberry (at least he was the love of my life in the second grade). I'm still pretty scarred from this incident. It brings chills just thinking about it. It stuck with me up until a little bit before Easter three years ago.

I had started going to a new church the year before, but hadn't got to involved in the "extracurricular" activities yet. I was asked to play in the Orchestra (hidden talent #2) for the Easter Contata. I was really excited to be asked and to meet the other musicians. The best part of all, was that my sister was going to play as well.

Fast forward a few weeks to Good Friday. We were having a "full on" dress rehearsal. It's completely dark in all areas of the building and they've asked us not to use the main restrooms since they were just cleaned and we were expecting extra folks at the services for the next 2 days. Well, I had to "go", so me and my sister set off in search of a restroom. We asked for directions and we were sent off down a really dark hall.

I went into the first door I saw and my first instinct was that these bathrooms looked a whole lot different than the ones right outside the sanctuary. There was a shower stall to my right, and only one bathroom stall. To the left there were some faucets and a few urinals. I noticed a man at the urinal and completely FREAKED OUT. Instead of turning around, apologizing, and running out like a normal person, I committed. Yep - I walked into the bathroom stall like I had every right to be there. Of course, I had stage fright at this point and couldn't "go". Either way, I waited the man out and kept busy until he left.

After I heard the door close, I washed my hands really quick and got the heck out of dodge. As I opened the door, my sister was standing there waiting for me...talking to the man that had been in the bathroom. It turns out that this "man", was actually our pastor's son who was home from college for the weekend. He was telling my sister about a crazy woman that was in the men's room. When she asked me if it was me, I had no answer. All I could say was that I had "committed", and by the time I realized what was going on I thought the best course of action would be to hide in the stall.

Either way, it's three years later and I suppose I was thinking of this because we are working on our Easter contata for 2009. I've come to love all of my fellow musician friends and enjoy our weekly practices. I still have a hard time though looking the guitar player in the eye.

Poor Ryan...I hope I haven't scarred him for life.

So, now that I've shared mine, I'd love to hear about your most embarassing moment. Feel free to put it in the comments section or blog about it. Either way, make sure you tell me so I can go look!

Tata - K!


  1. Maybe you should put that out there as a suggestion to all the single gals as a good place to meet guys... It could have been worse - you could have peed your pants at the same time. See? Silver lining.

    My most embarrassing moment is not something that should be posted on a blog (see my 100 things about me), but if you really want to know, I'll email it to you. Just know that you were warned.

  2. I have walked in on men in the bathroom and freaked out. Usually enough that I just completely run out of the building and go home. So you probably made the better choice.
    And it was funny...