Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas Prank

You've heard me talk about my Aunt Fees before.  She was my mom's baby sister who passed away from Breast Cancer in November of 2006.  She was a really cool aunt.  Both my sister and I always knew that we could talk to her about anything that was on our minds.

One year on Black Friday, we were shopping for Christmas presents together.  I watched her give a few dollars to the Salvation Army bell ringer.  I didn't know what I thought about the bell ringers, but I had never considered giving any more than a few coins before.  We went to the next store and I watched her do the same thing.  She gave a few more dollars to him.  And the same thing at the next store.  And so on.

I asker her why she gave more money when she already gave to the others.  She told me something that made me really sit back and reconsider lots of things. 

She told me that there were a few Christmas's when she was little, that the Salvation Army provided the only gifts that they received those years.  Huh?

My grandma is awesome and spirited and hard working.  She raised 5 kids as a single mother in the 40's and 50's.  Her husband committed suicide when she was pregnant with her 5th child (all under 10).  She didn't have a drivers license (she still doesn't today), she never remarried (who needs men, anyway, she always says), and she worked part time cleaning houses. 

I don't know if what my aunt said is true or not, I've never asked my mom about it.  I'm not sure if my mom actually reads my blog, if so, maybe she'll tell me. 

It really doesn't matter.  To this day, I haven't been able to walk past a bell ringer and not give a donation either. 

I've shared links to Improveverywhere before (if you have time, check out the Best Little League Game Everywhere).  Their latest "prank" was to surprise a Salvation Army bell ringer.

Watch the video below and enjoy.

I will probably not have time to post again until after the holidays. 

Merry Christmas!


  1. I do give to the buckets...I know where my money is going when I put it in the bucket and that in itself is wonderful.

  2. What a great video- And what a wonderful way to remember your aunt by giving. Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday.

  3. Okay, the holidays are long past. Where's the new posts?