Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

Since I last posted:
  • I finished up my husband's Christmas shopping (and would you believe he then patted himself on the back for "finishing up so early this year")
  • I wrapped everything I could get my hands on
  • I spent a fabulous Christmas with my family and friends
  • I celebrated the 8th anniversary of my 29th birthday
  • I watched 7 movies (most of them were very good!) and read 3 books (all of which were fabulous)
  • I rang in the New Year with the same family and a few new friends at my side
  • I actually caught up on my sleep
  • I'm almost caught up on my housework, except for the laundry (which I'm hoping will magically wash and dry itself; or I might just go buy everyone a new wardrobe).
I've been really blessed over the last year and I'm even more excited for 2010.

I'm not sure if anyone actually ever read my first blog post (if you haven't don't worry about it - it's dumb).  I started this blog as a personal diary and now actually have real readers.  Who would have thunk?!?!  My very first post consisted of my New Years Resolution in 2009 to lose weight.  Guess what?  It didn't work?!?  LOL!

I still thought I'd share what I want to focus on in 2010. 

1.  Don't Say "Don't" or "But".  Oddly enough, I learned this from a consultant we use at work who happens to be an Improvisational Acting coach.  We bring her in to teach our newly promoted organizational leaders how to get the best from their employees.  One of the games she plays with them is called "Yes, And?".  A lot of times someone will say something (that I'm sure they feel is very important) and we immediately say "But...." and shut down their idea.  By simply changing up the language a bit and saying "Yes" (meaning - Yes, I hear you) "And" (meaning - And, let me build on your idea). 

My son happens to be a bit sensitive, and I honestly believe that being positive around him and using positive language as much as possible with him, will help build him up.

2.  Put a cap on my work day.  I LOVE what i do!  110% absolutely LOVE what I do.  That being said, I take my work home with me.  I don't always sit down at the kitchen table and drag my laptop out, but I will ALWAYS check my blackberry in the evenings, and still work through issues in my head.  Net, I'm not always 100% physically and emotionally there for my family in the evenings like I need to be. 

For about a year, I only carried the blackberry that was given to me by work.  I figured they paid for everything, and I didn't need an extra  cell phone line.  I became addicted!  So, I bought an iphone as my personal cell phone.  I now can keep my blackberry gently tucked away and still be reachable by those who need me.  I resolve to be more available for my family this year.

3.  Focus on 5 personal "roles".  If you sit down and think about it, we wear soooo many "hats" and sometimes they just don't all fit on our heads - Mom, Coach, Wife, Employee, Christian, Daughter, Teacher, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother, Volunteer, Advocate, etc.  The list is exhausting! 

I listened to a speech given by one of the Presidents at my company recently on Work/Life balance.  Among his top 10 tips (this one really stood out at me) He said to pick 5 roles that you're going to be really good at and truly focus on them.  You can still do the others, but commit to being truly great at the 5.

My top 5 roles?
1.  Christian - My Precious Heavenly Father is ALWAYS first!
2.  Wife - I married him for a reason!
3.  Mom - What more joy is there in the world, than being a mom?
4.  Daugher - My mother will need my support this year and I'm going to focus on her!
5.  Employee - I still love what i do!

Do you make New Years resolutions?  What's yours?


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  1. you have me hoping no-one ever read my first blog post! Talk about DUMB. My blog started out private and went public in October 09! I enjoy reading what you have to say! Glad we stumbled on each other.