Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weird Animals...

I've posted before about my cat, Oliver, and dog, Yoyo.  They're generally pretty cool animals.  Something's going on though and I don't know what to do about it.

Here's a quick primer:

This is my cat, Oliver.  He's 4 years old and a bit on the "big boned/fluffy/hefty/fat" side.  I found him under a dumpster at the local grocery store.  He's not a normal cat.  He doesn't like to play with toys, catch mice, or even meow.  He lays around, pouts, and demands things - mostly food.

He measures up to be about 13 inches tall and 13 pounds.

Here is his normal look.  I'm pretty sure he's mad at the world because he's got this piece of paper stuck on his nose.

Here's my dog, Yoyo.  She's super cool.  She's also a rescue animal.  We got her from the local Labrador rescue mission.  It turns out that she's not really a lab, she's more of a Heinz 57 Varieties.  She LOVES to swim (that's the lab) and jump.  She's fabulous with kids and would prefer to be a lap dog.

She measures up to be 36 inches tall and 88 HEAVY pounds.

Yoyo has a bean bag that she loves to sleep in.  She "took" this bean bag from my son one day, and we decided to let her keep it.  She doesn't really fit, but don't forget that she thinks she's a 10 pound lap dog, so it doesn't really matter to her.

Then one day I came up the stairs and found this.

And from that day on, my cat has been the "alpha dog" in the house.  I don't know what he said to Yoyo, but she does absolutely anything he tells her to do.

Point in case, I just had to physically push my 88 pound dog up a flight of stairs because the 13 pound cat was sitting at the top of it double-dog daring (pun intended) her to try to come upstairs. 

I broke a sweat.

Seriously, Yoyo.  That cat can't hurt you.  He doesn't have claws!  You are 6 times his size and can take all 9 of his lives at one time.  What gives?


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