Friday, June 12, 2009

Surprise Wedding Reception

Along with my love of baking and music, I also love theater and acting. There is a group based out of New York City called ImprovEverywhere. They are an improv group that will randomly show up in fun and interesting places and bring shear joy and chaos along with them.

Most of their "missions" are hysterically funny. They've done everything from staging a broadway musical in the middle of a mall food court where almost everyone around them was in the dark about what was happening, to placing a fancy bathroom attendant in a local McDonald's bathroom.

They've also done some missions that are just completely touching and special.
My favorite mission ever is called Best Game Ever. These guys turned a normal little league game in California into a major league sporting event, complete with super-fans (with belly's painted), printed programs, vendors, and a big jumbotron. The game was covered "live" (not really) by NBC complete with Jim Gray and Charlie Todd as announcers. Those little boys will remember that game for the rest of their lives.

That mission made my heart warm.

It might be the mood I'm in today, or just where my head has been for the last several months, but this last mission also made my heart smile. They staged a surprise wedding reception for a random couple that got married at the city building.

This is one of the actors congratulating the happy couple and telling them that the mayor is giving away one free wedding reception each day. Would they be interested? They said "let's go!"
Check out the video and then be sure to read the background notes.
With everything wrong with the world today, I love being able to make a random person happy. I know nothing about this couple, but they now have one of the best wedding stories ever.
Love, K


  1. Cool site! I wish they had a group near me - I've been dying to do stuff like that! Wanna come up to WA and do it with me? :o)

  2. I have never been to WA - would LOVE it! I've been to CA, UT, CO, and WY, but never the far northwest. I hear it's beatiful :)