Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Things

So I created this note for Facebook and I thought I would add it to here. The task was to lay out 25 things about yourself, but I'm thinking I'd like to add some more to it. So here they are...

1. I absolutely LOVE music...rock, pop, classical, jazz, Christian, praise and worship, country, you name it. Except for maybe rap...I just don't get it, nor do I care to.
2. I get my love of music from my dad (obviously). He used to make me read the words and backstories behind all of the operas, before our elementary school trips to the Cincinnati Opera. I appreciate this NOW (not so much back then).
3. I am completely addicted to Twitter. You can follow me at @kelli1227 if you want.
4. I am completely addicted to geocaching. Check it out, I'm always up for a caching run. (again, i'm kelli1227)
5. I wanted to both major in Astronomy and be the first female NASA shuttle commander when I grew up.
6. My dad told me that I should start thinking of something else to do, because astronauts and astronomers needed to be able to stay up past 10 pm (which I still don't).
7. Given these first six, it's not a shock that people say I'm a nerd (and I consider this an honor)8. I am an internal thinker. I will answer you in my head, and have completely conversations with myself. Except, no words come out of my mouth. I get this from my dad too.
9. I am really good at math now, but almost failed it in highschool. Take that Mr. Manker!
10. I have a dog named Yolanda (yep - that's right)...and I didn't name her.
11. I was a complete band geek in high school. I played whatever instrument my dad told me too. I wasn't particularly good at any of them except maybe Clarinet and piano.
12. I swore I would have nothing to do with music after I graduated high school. I stuck with this until someone asked me to play last year for I remember how much I love it.
13. I set up one of my guy friends on a date for our senior prom. It turned out the date was already pregnant by some other guy...needless to say, it didn't work out. (He just reminded me of this a few days ago)
14. I have a bachelor's degree in Biology and Chemisty, not that I've ever used this knowledge other than to answer Double Jeopardy questions.
15. I've only had 3 jobs since I graduated from high school and neither have had to do with science.
16. I will be celebrating 10 years with Procter& Gamble in April.
17. I plan to retire from P&G by the time I'm 50.18. I was given a birthday cake for my 33rd birthday that said "I LOVE LAURA DRESSMAN". (there are a few people only who know the back story on that one).
19. God has blessed me with the most beautiful, precious son ever!
20. I never wanted to be a mom when I was little, but he has definitely changed my mind. What an awesome kid!
21. I absolutely love to cook and bake, but I'm really bad at making cookies (not sure why).
22. I did not vote for Obama, but I do have hope.
23. My mom is my best friend and hero.
24. I'm committed to fundraising for the American Cancer Society. I believe we will find a cure for cancer in my lifetime.
25. I LOVE having an awesome job where I can work from home 2 days a week, however with the snow I'm completely stir crazy and can't wait to see my office mates tomorrow (hopefully).


  1. Do you take your son geocaching with you? And if so, does he like it? I recently starting reading about it and it sounds like fun! I think my daughter might like it, as long as it's not too tough a hike. Do you use a GPS? That's the part that's prohibitive for me - those things are pricey!

  2. Hi Wendy - I love to take my son with me and he really enjoys it! It's a pretty family friendly activity for all. I used google maps on my blackberry for the first several months of geocaching and even made myself wait for 25 caches before buying my gps. Don't get all the fancy features (you can get a pretty good one for this kind of activity for $100 at amazon. Now, I even carry my gps in my purse. how pathetic is that:) ?