Friday, January 16, 2009

Just checkin in!

Howdy everyone! Or probably noone!

So, I've made it to the end of a pretty long week. I facilitated a 3 day workshop at my work. The first 2 days completely rocked and I met some really awesome people. The third day was a little weird because it was the core team and they were doing an action planning session. Wow - so glad I'm not on that team! Those people really like to agree with each other only so they can here themselves talk! Enough already!!! And if I hear "I violently agree with you" one more time I'm going to puke!

OK - rant over. I really just wanted to let everyone know that I lost 5 pounds last week!!!!! Go me!! I'm not sure about this week as I really didn't stick to my food plan and I'm pretty sure I have a friend coming to visit early next week!

So that's it - I'll check in soon!

Tata -

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  1. Oh, I violently agree with you! ;o)

    And congrats on the 5 lbs.!!! Now find a good hiding place so those evil pounds won't find you again!