Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Love Fall

Seriously, I do.
And yes, I realize that leaves are dying and the weather is going to get cold.

To me, fall means the holidays are coming (and I'm still a kid and look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my Birthday - every year). Fall means the weather is getting colder (which is an absolute fabulous excuse to curl up with someone you love, a warm blanket, or a good book (or all of the above)).
Here are some other things about fall that I love...

1. I love that my puppy will push the leaves into a pile so she can take an afternoon nap. Look how worn out she looks!

2. I love that my lazy fat cat will sit in the window for hours watching the leaves fall. Look at the gorgeous orange tree in the background. LOVE IT!

3. I love going pumpkin and apple picking with my family.

4. I love that little boys think they can do pulling a heavy pumpkin through a muddy field...uphill...

5. I love that little boys are not above admitting that they are tired and need a bit of help.

6. I love that big boys still love toys too. (Just for the record, I also love that my husband doesn't seem to mind too much that I blog about him.)

7. I love getting dressed up and visiting with our friends from around the community.
8. I love the CUTE Halloween costumes...take Hansel and Gretel here, for example...
"Do you want some bread?"

"I'm done here."

"As in, really done here."

Daddy to the rescue...

Big C (a friendly pirate - with a sword) steps in to
help keep the little ones in place for a cute photo.

9. I leave you with this. Aren't they precious?

And yes, before you ask, all of the photos were taken with my iphone (don't tell my digital camera that's now been collecting dust).
Talk to you soon!
Love, K


  1. Came over from Fritz...I love fall too, but we don't see much of it here! We are bracing for snow (which I also LOVE) your pictures are adorable! I'll be back!

  2. Too fun!!!

    I love the Hansel and Gretal! Too precious!

    Blessings to you,