Friday, October 30, 2009


Look at my little history bookworm...

A few weeks ago we went to Mays Lick in Kentucky. Every few weeks we try to take a family one tank trip somewhere. Mays Lick is the site of the last Revolutionary War battle in Kentucky. It was quite a blood bath. It's also about an hour from our home.

C had just finished reading a book on the Revolutionary War, so we decided to come and check it out. I took this picture with my iphone and LOVE it!

The picture reminds me of when we went to Hawaii and Pearl Harbor. Almost exactly 7 years to the day!

He still has those huge ears :).

So the other day I took C to get a costume for Halloween. I'd love to be one of those people that can pull the perfect costume out of my spare closet. But, I'm not. So we went to Halloween Express.

C hates to make decisions. So I told him he had only 10 minutes and if he couldn't make up his mind that I was going to choose the costume myself. We walked in and I secretly groaned. Rows and rows of costumes, people! Most of them disgusting scary stuff that I wouldn't ever let him wear, but it was there to confuse his decision making process!

He walked up and down each of the aisles and the looked at me and said...

"Mom, I've made a decision."

After I picked myself back up off the floor (we had been there less than 5 minutes), he announced...

"Mom, I'm going to be a pirate."

I told him that I thought that was a great choice (even though he's never shown any interest in Pirates of the Caribbean or anything else remotely pirate-ish). We paid for our "bounty" (I even had a coupon - Aunt Sharon is proud of me) and we left.

We got in the car and I asked him why he chose the pirate. He looked at me and said...

"Gosh Mom, it's got a sword, of course."

Of course! Silly mom.

Love, K


  1. Yes, "Silly Mom", Aunt Sharon IS proud of you.... and not just because you had a coupon.... ;)

    Love ,
    Aunt Sharon<><

  2. And who wouldn't want a sword? I love both of the pictures on this post. Hard to believe that the first one was taken with your phone!