Thursday, February 19, 2009

I thought I would share...

I absolutely LOVE watching videos. In my work, I'm always looking for good and funny videos to make points in my presentations. I also will search youtube sometimes when I'm bored looking for new and funny stuff. Since I'm bored right now and can't really come up with anything else to share, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

Since I also love David Letterman, let's do this in Top 10 countdown style, except I only have 5...

#5 - Mike: Grace Kelly:
This guy has been around for awhile in Europe, and I'm beginning to hear some of his music on the airwaves in the US. His music is upbeat and catchy and he happens to be brilliant at the keyboard. I absolutely LOVE this video and can listen to this song over and over again.

#4 - Dramatic Lemur:
I might be the only person on the internets that hadn't seen this video, but this little guy makes me smile (and a little creeped out at the same time :) ). I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've watched this, since I found this on Wendy's blog.

#3 - Blood:
Poor little guy...nobody is paying any attention to him. I'm pretty sure he's going to be scarred for life and his therapist is going to hear some fabulous stories! If I were his mom, I would have handled this the same way and laughed my butt off!

#2 - Funny Cats:
I've always been a dog person. I just always had a dog growing up and LOVED all kinds of dogs. You name it...big, little, long hair, no hair, labrador, schnauzer, whatever. If it is of the "canine" kind, I love it. After my divorce, I was living in a cute little apartment with my son. Just the two of us, and it was nice. And then it son walked in the door with something in his hat. My sister had given him a kitten. After my shock and disgust, I realized that this was a pretty cool little creature. The picture below is my cat a few years later (and yes he was sitting like that, and no he's not as fat as he looks). The video is not of him, but he and his antics could be included if I had made this video.

#1 - The Ultimate Practical Joke:
So, I love a good practical joke as much as the next person. Come to think of it, I pulled a pretty good one a few months ago, but that will make for a good post some other day. While I was planning this joke though, I came across this absolutely awesome video of quite possibly the best office practical joke EVER! I have an awesome job and work (with the exception of 1 - maybe 2 people) with the best group ever (seriously!). But don't you wish you worked for this company?

That's all I have time for this week. Please enjoy!

Tata - K!


  1. That office one was pretty darn funny! I showed it to my husband who said he wishes that someone would do that to his cubicle...

  2. So, are you going to post again or what? Don't keep us hanging!