Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Answered Prayer...

I haven't posted an update on mom for awhile.  I've kept a lot of what's been going on to myself, but to make a long story short, my mother has had a setback with her cancer.  Right after Thanksgiving we found out that the cancer had returned and had moved to her spinal and cerebral fluids.  This isn't great news.  She's been in and out of the hospital since December.  When she's not at the hospital, she's been spending time at a great rehab nursing home facility here in Northern Kentucky.

About 4 weeks ago, we had to move her back to the hospital and it turned out that she had a staph meningitis infection from the chemo port in her head.  Wow!  They treated her for 3 weeks in the hospital and last Thursday moved her back to her rehab home.  She seems to really like it there and actually makes great progress when she's there.

I need to backtrack a little bit and first of all remind you that I should be welcoming my little girl within the next 2 - 3 weeks. Yay me! 

Doing this without my mom right by my side has been really hard.  One of the things that's made it a lot easier is my mom's (and my) friend, Anna.  Anna and mom have known each other since high school and I feel like I've known Anna for as long as I've been alive.  She saw me graduate from high school, made my wedding dress, threw me a wedding shower, and all kinds of other great things that really cool people do in your life! 

Anna was a nurse and a mom, and has really helped me through a lot this pregnancy (after all, I'm 10 years older than last time I did this)!  She sends me really long incoherent text messages almost every day checking on the baby and me.  Sits hours upon hours with mom, just so me and dad don't feel like we always need to be there.  And within 24 hours of my shower a few weeks ago, was making plans to come over and help me wash everything for the baby.  She was also going to come to the hospital with me when the baby was born since my mom couldn't come with me.

We didn't get around to fixing the nursery up together.  She called me and told me that she was at the hospital and that I wasn't supposed to worry about her.  But she had had a stress test and it came back showing some blockage.  Within a day, they had her bypass surgery scheduled. 

I was a wreck.  And i've been a wreck ever since.

About 2 hours ago, I got a call saying she was being released from the hospital.  Praise God!  But that she wasn't going to go home.  Ugh!  She was going to have to be in a rehab.  Ugh!!  For 20 days.  Ugh!!!  So, she's going to miss the birth of my baby.  UGH!!!!

But you know what?

It turns out that she's moving to the same rehab facility as my mother.

On the same floor.

Their rooms are right across the hall from each other!!!

Not only is it now so much easier for me to see mom AND Anna, but they get to see each other on a daily basis.  Anna just does so much for so many people.  You should see mom light up when she comes to see her.  I think their recovery is going to go so much easier now that they will be able to do it together.

They are already making plans on what they are going to have for dinner tonight!  LOL!  Although the facility is great, the food leaves a little to be desired :).

I didn't mean to ramble, but I'm just constantly amazed at how the Lord answers prayers!  It boggles my mind to even think about how long He's been working on this one!

Love and Blessings, my friends!


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